Partners in Reading – San Jose Public Library Adult Tutoring Videos
This large collection of authentic adult reading tutoring videos includes over 70 short videos in the following categories: Phonemic Awareness, Alphabetics, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension and First Meeting. The videos were created by consultants Amy Prevedel and Kathy St. John working with the San Jose California Public Library’s Partners in Reading adult literacy program, and the Santa Clara California Library’s Read Santa Clara adult literacy program. The project was funded by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act administered in California by the State Librarian.
The videos have also been included in a free, “just-in-time” adult literacy tutor asynchronous online professional development system called Tutor Ready, that you will find at


Observing Standards-in-Action: Reading Classroom Lesson
Produced by Oppix Productions under a contract with MPR Associates from the U.S. Department of Education
at the Prince William County Public Schools Education Program, Woodbridge VA

Summarizing: Activating Prior Knowledge
Adult education instructor Kay Combs helps students activate their prior knowledge of a text.
These resources are part of KET’s Reading Instructional Strategies collection

National Center for Family Learning Reading Strategies Videos and for more information,

Comprehension Monitoring: Coding Text
Reading comprehension monitoring strategy: using a code (e.g. !, ? or ?) for marking texts, or underlining or highlighting text (4:46 mins)

Modeling the Strategy (5:55 mins)

Coding – Think Aloud Example (5:11 mins)

Coding – Guided Practice (6:33 mins)

Coding – Independent Practice and Discussion (1:32 mins)

QAR – Question, Answer, Relationship
QAR – Introduction (2:35 mins)

QAR – Modeling (Right There) (1:07 mins)

QAR – Modeling (Think and Search) (1:10 mins)

QAR – Modeling (Writer and Me) (1:27 mins)

QAR – Guided Practice (Right There) (1:30 mins)

QAR – Guided Practice (Think and Search) (2:01 mins)

QAR – Guided Practice (Writer and Me) (1:18 mins)

QAR – Independent Practice and Discussion (3:47 mins)

CAL-PRO OTAN and Los Angeles Community Adult Schools Videos of Evidence-Based Reading Instruction(EBRI)

Alphabetics: Closed Syllable

Fluency: Collaborative Oral Reading

Comprehension: Finding a Topic

Professional Development Kit (PDK): Multimedia Resources for Instructional Decision-Making
Professional Development Kit (PDK) was a National Center for Adult Learning project, in collaboration with SRI International. It was funded in the 1990’s by the U.S Department of Education to create professional development tools for adult basic skills educators. Among the project’s products were videos of Dr. Richard Cooper working one-on-one with an adult literacy student named Anna Marie, and Adult English language teacher, Margarita Kershner, engaging her level three ESL class in a
reading, writing, listening and speaking activity.

The Media Library of Teaching Skills has been given permission by NCAL’s Project Director, Dr. Daniel Wagner, to host the videos on this website

Adult literacy videos with tutor, Dr. Richard Cooper, and student, Anna Marie



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