Ratio and Proportion

Ratio and Proportion, Accepting Student Responses
Abby Magee, Notre Dame Education Center, South Boston, MA
Apr. 2007, 4:30 minutes

Math learners and thinkers share their ideas in problem solving. One strategy that math teacher, Abby Magee, uses is to write proposed solutions on the board and then discuss how these solutions were developed.

The material used in this lesson is part of the EMPower math curriculum.
More information about EMPower is available at:

Read about Abby Magee
(pages 59-64) and others involved with the
Teachers Investigating Adult Numeracy (TIAN) project.


Teacher Discussion of Ratio and ProportionVideo
At Network 2008, the Massachusetts Coalition for Adult Education annual state conference, MLoTS staff did a workshop in which teachers viewed MLoTS videos and discussed them. This is a video of one of those discussion groups, in a noisy room with several other teacher discussion groups. Because it is sometimes difficult, over the din of others eagerly talking, to hear what a teacher is saying, you will find short text summaries in some sections of the video.
videoviewingguide (download)
numeracy_notes (download)

2 thoughts on “Ratio and Proportion

  1. I really liked the last part of the second video, where they bring up the problem of students who may have missed classes in which background was given. The biggest problem I have in my adult ed classes is inconsistent attendance, and having to go over a topic more times than I would like to make sure everyone has attended a class in which the topic was covered.

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