Supporting Children’s Literacy

The following 9 videos are parts of an edited two-hour lesson that took place on January 21, 2009 at the Intergenerational Literacy Program (ILP) in Chelsea, Massachusetts. All are parts of one class led by two teachers and supported by three volunteer tutors. After the class videos is an audio file of the ILP Director, Barbara Krol-Sinclair, describing the program and its history. Click on the underlined links for copies of the Reading Aloud Lesson Plan, the video viewing guide, or the ESOL/ESL Family Literacy Notes.

Part 1: Lesson Background
Jan. 2009, 5:20 minutes
The teachers introduce themselves and their ILP adult class. They explain the objectives of the day’s lesson, ‘Reading aloud with your children,’ one of a series of lessons taking place over a 2-week period on supporting children’s literacy.

Part 2: Getting Started
Jan. 2009, 5:10 minutes
As learners arrive, they write in their literacy logs or dialog journals. The lesson begins with the ‘Book of the Week,’ a children’s book selected by the ILP children’s teacher. Teachers model reading aloud, and the class participates in the reading of the book.

Part 3: Preparation for Small Groups
Jan. 2009, 9:43 minutes
Teachers review material from the previous day’s lesson, introduce the activities for today’s lesson, and go over key vocabulary words from today’s readings before learners begin the small group activities.

Part 4a: Tips for Reading with School Age Children
Jan. 2009, 8:33 minutes
A group of 6 learners, led by a teacher, read and discuss a list of tips for parents reading with their school-age children. The list used in class was adapted from one available on the Reading is Fundamental website (see link) and in the RIF literature.

Part 4b: Tips for Reading with School Age Children
Jan. 2009, 10:29 minutes
The group continues to discuss the tips, one of which is ‘Tell stories to and with your child.’ The learners, taking turns, make up and tell a simple story as a group.

Part 5: Exploring Books
Jan. 2009, 5:28 minutes
The group discusses ways in which parents and children can choose books together, by exploring the pictures, title and text. The teacher explains some ways in which parents can determine if a book is at the appropriate reading level for their children.

Part 6: Reading Aloud
Jan. 2009, 5:08 minutes
Learners choose books from the collection on the table and read to one another. The teacher encourages use of pictures in the story, questioning and pointing to text as techniques to engage and include the child in the reading aloud process.

Part 7: Lesson Wrap-up
Jan. 2009, 7:00 minutes
The whole class reconvenes. Each small group shares some of the tips they discussed. Some groups have begun to make posters of tips to share with the class. The teachers explain that tomorrow learners will read about and discuss tips for a different age group, and complete their posters. The class ends with the ‘Song of the Week,’ a song that parents can learn and teach to their children.

Part 8: Teachers Reflect on the Lesson
Jan. 2009, 9:41 minutes
The teachers review the lesson and explain the importance of the tutors in the ILP program.

Part 9: The Intergenerational Literacy Program
Jan. 2009, 6:50 minutes
Audio recording only

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