Writing to Learn, Thinking on Paper

Writing to Learn , Thinking on Paper
May 2008, 6:30 minutes
Doris Plumb, Central Vermont Adult Basic Education, Barre, VT
Doris Plumb uses a writing process that involves writing quickly in a journal, without thinking, so students’ ideas come out fast. Doris gives a topic, Last Week’s Experiences. She stresses as a purpose writing to learn something, to find their thoughts on issues, on themselves and others. She asks the students to pick one of these experiences and focus on it, to list a group of words that come to mind as they think about that experience or event. Students individually brainstorm, by themselves, without thinking about the ideas, without being critical, to free their minds to generate ideas. Then she asks them to write a short paragraph about the Event. She asks for a topic sentence and at least three sentences. The students said this helped to clarify their feelings and discover priorities.

Definition of Writing to Learn
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2 thoughts on “Writing to Learn, Thinking on Paper

  1. The instructor provides a very simple method to guide students in developing a written. With this strategy, they will have a better visualization of the important aspects that each writer needs to consider to communicate to others. Each student uses the critical thinking ability to express feelings, experience, or any situation related to the real life.

  2. The video represents an easy example to guide students on how to start the writing process.

    By using writing is the most effective way for a student expresses his ideas, feelings, processes, situations, or any other descriptions. The writing process always should be realized step by step, so the student will have the opportunity to demonstrate the critical thinking and the ability to communicate to a specific audience.

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