Food Vocabulary and Verb Tenses

Lorrie Anderson, JVS, Boston, MA
May 2008, 9:30 minutes

This is an edited section of a longer lesson. For this part of the lesson ESOL teacher and Adult Education Program Manager, Lorrie Anderson, has three objectives, that students will:

1. recall previously learned food vocabulary;
2. recognize present and past tense forms of verbs, and produce questions and sentences using past tense models; and
3. differentiate the present and past tense of the verbs ‘to eat’ and ‘to drink’.

The lesson is an example of the Massachusetts Adult Basic Education ESOL Curriculum Frameworks standards that are concerned with English listening, speaking and writing, specifically with these benchmarks:

High Beginning, SPL 3
L2.3b Understand basic grammatical structures, page 35
S2.3b Develop vocabulary for targeted topics, page 42
S2.3c Use basic grammatical structures with less reliance on learned phrases, page 42

Beginning Literacy, SPL 0-1
W3.1c Practice writing on lined paper, page 57
W3.2a Practice sentence structure and mechanics by copying sentences and simple, short paragraphs, page 57
Lesson Plan (MS Word format): The Foods We Eat


Teacher Discussion of ESOL/ESL: Food Vocabulary and Verb Tenses
At Network 2008, the Massachusetts Coalition for Adult Education annual state conference, MLoTS staff did a workshop in which teachers viewed MLoTS videos and discussed them. This is a video of one of those discussion groups, in a noisy room with several other teacher discussion groups. Because it is sometimes difficult, over the din of others eagerly talking, to hear what a teacher is saying, you will find short text summaries in some sections of the video.

Video Viewing Guide (download)
Food Vocabulary Notes (download)

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