Modeling Test-taking Strategies

Ed Pirie, Central Vermont Adult Basic Education, Barre, VT
May 2008, 6:15 minutes

Ed Pirie demonstrates to Michael, a Vermont High School Completion Program student, some important test taking strategies. He thinks his way through a question, sorts through and deals with the parts of the question, revisits the question’s information as he needs to, and pieces it back together. Ed comes up with a solution that he is confident in. He models his problem solving process out loud, he says, so that students can see how it works, so they can do it themselves, so they become independent learners

4 thoughts on “Modeling Test-taking Strategies

  1. I will definitely be letting future participants in my workshops know about! In the past I have made sure to sing the praises of,, TCALL, and the teaching channel, among others. I especially liked that this teacher told, AND showed, us how to model thought processes.

  2. The video shows how a teacher can be helpful to their students with breaking down the questions on subject area being assessed on. I can appreciate the teacher taking the test and explaining techniques at the same time; it shows sincerity that leads to motivating a student.

  3. WOW!

    #1. This video shows the “Zone of Proximal Development” in the adult learner.
    #2. Good display of Modeling
    #3. Motivation

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