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The Media Library of Teaching Skills for adult learning and literacy project is a free, online, digital library of short videos of adult education teachers and their classes or tutorials, intended for use in professional development. Each video is an example of a state-approved content standard, research-based practice, preferred approach, or specific teaching method or skill. In some cases these are examples in practice of a particular state’s approved curriculum frameworks or content standards. The project began in March, 2007, and has grown as new videos are added to the online library.

Some of the MLoTS videos were made and edited by the MLoTS Team, David J. Rosen and Owen Hartford; some were made by other people and groups. We hope that in the future some videos will be made by adult education teachers whom the MLoTS Team will train, and who will work in pairs or threes to video record each other, and whose videos we will edit. Contact us if you are interested in this model for your state.

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  1. We hope you find the newly-designed Media Library of Teaching Skills (MLoTS) web site useful. Please let us know. Also, please contact us if you have questions, thoughts about improving MLoTS, or any problems accessing our videos.

    David J. Rosen, Ed.D., President
    Media Library of Teaching Skills

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